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Toba Tek Singh emerged as separated district on the map of Punjab with effect from its July 1982 after detaching it from Faisalabad district. It derives its name from the headquarters town named Toba Tek Singh. This town was founded some times in the beginning of the colonization era. It was named after a Sikh saint. Tek Singh who maintained a pond and used to serve drinking water to the passers-by. He thus rendered a great humanitarian service throughout his life to the community around him. He carried good name through his selfless services rendered to the people and gradually the pond came to be called as Toba Tek Singh meaning thereby the pond of Tek Singh. There was a small Mandi (market) nearby this pond, which subsequently flourished and also named after this pond.

During 1970's, when many Pakistani cities were renamed to change names given after British Rulers to their original or native names or more acceptable names to local population like Montgomery was renamed to its old original name Sahiwal, Toba Tek Singh remained one of the very few cities to maintain its original name mainly because of reputation of Tek Singh. In 1982 Toba Tek Singh, formerly a subdivision, was separated from Faisalabad District and became a separate district.

The district comprises four municipal committees namely Toba Tek Singh, Gojra, Kamalia and Pirmahal. The district consists of an area of 3,259 square kilometers. It is divided into four sub-divisions as under:

Names of Sub Divisions             

Toba Tek Singh                            




Pir Mahal Tehsil  is an Administration Sub-Division of Toba Tek Singh District, PunjabPakistanPir Mahal is its capital city of Pir MahalTehsil. The Government of Punjab, Pakistan issued the notification of Pir Mahal Tehsil on 24 January 2013, with effect from 1 February 2013; before this Pir Mahal was a sub-tehsil of Kamalia Tehsil. According to the notification of Government of Punjab, Pir Mahal Tehsil has 16 Union councils consisting of 133 Revenue Estates (small towns and villages).             

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